2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
2210:00AMVolleyball vs. Webber International
 Montreat Tournament -- Aug. 22-23
224:00PMVolleyball vs. College of Coastal Georgia
 Montreat Tournament -- Aug. 22-23
2312:00PMVolleyball vs. Point Park University
 Montreat Tournament -- Aug. 22-23
234:00PMVolleyball @ Montreat College
 Montreat Tournament -- Aug. 22-23
237:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
257:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Auburn University Montgomery
276:00PMVolleyball @ Indiana University Southeast
286:30PMFootball @ Campbellsville University
294:00PMVolleyball @ Trinity Christian College
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament -- Aug. 29-30
296:00PMVolleyball vs. Point Park University
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament -- Aug. 29-30
30 Men's GolfPresident's Cup -- Aug. 30 - 31
30 Women's GolfPresident's Cup -- Aug. 30 - 31
30 Softball - JV vs. TBA
 Raider Classic
309:15AMMen's Cross CountryAsbury University Invitational
309:15AMWomen's Cross CountryAsbury University Invitational
3010:00AMVolleyball @ Saint Xavier University
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament -- Aug. 29-30
3012:00PMVolleyball vs. Cornerstone University
 Saint Xavier/Trinity Christian Tournament -- Aug. 29-30
306:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Spring Arbor University
306:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Baker University
31 Softball - JV vs. TBA
 Raider Classic
12:00PMFootball - JV @ Campbellsville University
14:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethel University
35:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV @ St. Catharine College
4 Men's GolfBill Sergent Invitational -- Sept. 4 - 5
4 Women's GolfBill Sergent Invitational -- Sept. 4 - 5
51:00PMVolleyball vs. Webber International
 Faulkner Invitational -- Sept. 5-6
55:00PMVolleyball vs. Freed-Hardeman
 Faulkner Invitational -- Sept. 5-6
57:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Westmont College
6 CyclingMTB -- East Tennessee State University (Sept. 6-7)
69:00AMVolleyball vs. Spring Hill College
 Faulkner Invitational -- Sept. 5-6
61:00PMVolleyball vs. Southeastern University
 Faulkner Invitational -- Sept. 5-6
61:30PMFootball vs. Reinhardt University
67:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Bryan College
81:00PMBaseball - JV @ St. Catharine College
83:00PMMen's Soccer - JV @ Campbellsville University
97:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Olivet Nazarene University
104:00PMBaseball - JV vs. Georgetown College
10Game 2Baseball - JV vs. Georgetown College
105:00PMVolleyball @ Shawnee State University
114:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
115:00PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
12 Women's GolfBlue Raider Classic -- Sept. 12 - 13
125:30PMMen's Cross CountryShawnee State University Invitational
125:30PMWomen's Cross CountryShawnee State University Invitational
13 CyclingMTB -- Marian University (Sept. 13-14)
13 CyclingTRACK -- Marian University (Sept. 13-14)
135:00PMMen's Soccer @ Tennessee Wesleyan
136:00PMFootball vs. Kentucky Wesleyan College
15 Men's GolfCoastal Georgia Invitational -- Sept. 15 - 16
155:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV vs. Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
162:00PMSoftball - JV @ Union College
16Game 2Softball - JV @ Union College
164:00PMBaseball - JV vs. St. Catharine College
16Game 2Baseball - JV vs. St. Catharine College
166:00PMVolleyball @ Cumberland Univ.
167:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Campbellsville University
174:00PMBaseball - JV @ Georgetown College
17Game 2Baseball - JV @ Georgetown College
183:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV @ Campbellsville University
185:00PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. University of the Cumberlands
194:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. Georgetown College
196:00PMVolleyball vs. Georgetown College
197:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Martin Methodist
 Lindsey Wilson Stanno Classic
20 CyclingMTB -- Union College (Sept. 20-21)
20 Volleyball - JV @ St. Catharine College
 JV Tournament at St. Catharine College
20 Volleyball - JV @ Asbury University
 JV Tournament at St. Catharine College
20 Volleyball - JV vs. Missouri Baptist University
 JV Tournament at St. Catharine College
20 Volleyball - JV @ Asbury University
 JV Tournament at St. Catharine College
2012:30PMFootball @ University of Pikeville
207:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Davenport University
 Lindsey Wilson Stanno Classic
217:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Northwestern Ohio
225:00PMMen's Soccer - JV @ St. Catharine College
225:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV vs. Centre College
225:00PMBaseball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
22Game 2Baseball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
234:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. University of the Cumberlands
235:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Shawnee State University
236:00PMVolleyball vs. University of the Cumberlands
237:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Shawnee State University
246:00PMBaseball - JV @ Campbellsville University
253:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. William Carey University
255:00PMMen's Soccer - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
255:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV vs. St. Catharine College
26 Men's SwimmingLWC Fall Frenzy Invitational -- Sept. 26 - 27
26 Women's SwimmingLWC Fall Frenzy Invitational -- Sept. 26 - 27
27 Men's BowlingGreen River Classic -- Sept. 27-28
27 Women's BowlingGreen River Classic -- Sept. 27-28
27 CyclingTRACK -- USA Cycling Track National Championships (Sept. 27-28)
2712:00PMSoftball - JV vs. University of Pikeville
27Game 2Softball - JV vs. University of Pikeville
271:30PMFootball @ Faulkner University
274:00PMVolleyball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
275:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Campbellsville University
276:00PMVolleyball @ University of Northwestern Ohio
277:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Rio Grande
29 Men's GolfBlue Raider Classic -- Sept. 29 - 30
294:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. University of Pikeville
295:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV @ Centre College
296:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Pikeville
302:00PMSoftball - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
30Game 2Softball - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
304:00PMWomen's Soccer @ St. Catharine College
306:00PMMen's Soccer @ St. Catharine College
15:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV vs. Campbellsville University
15:00PMBaseball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
 Pumpkin Classic -- Oct. 1 - 3
15:30PMSoftball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. Mystixx
1Game 2Softball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. Mystixx
22:30PMBaseball - JV vs. Georgetown College
 Pumpkin Classic -- Oct. 1 - 3
24:00PMVolleyball - JV @ St. Catharine College
25:00PMBaseball - JV vs. St. Catharine College
 Pumpkin Classic -- Oct. 1 - 3
25:30PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. St. Catharine College
26:00PMVolleyball @ St. Catharine College
3 Baseball - JV vs. TBA
 Pumpkin Classic -- Oct. 1 - 3
33:00PMWomen's Soccer @ University of the Cumberlands
4 Men's BowlingSouthern Kentucky Collegiate Classic -- Oct. 4-5
4 Women's BowlingSouthern Kentucky Collegiate Classic -- Oct. 4-5
4 CyclingMTB -- Georgia Tech (Oct. 4-5)
48:30AMMen's Cross CountryGreater Louisville Classic
48:30AMWomen's Cross CountryGreater Louisville Classic
410:00AMVolleyball - JV @ Campbellsville University
412:00PMVolleyball @ Campbellsville University
41:00PMMen's Swimming @ Milligan College
41:00PMMen's Swimming @ Emmanuel College
41:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Milligan College
41:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Columbia College
41:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Emmanuel College
41:30PMFootball vs. University of the Cumberlands
43:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of the Cumberlands
6 Men's GolfSkyhawk Classic -- Oct. 6 - 7
65:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV vs. University of the Cumberlands
72:00PMSoftball - JV vs. Union College
 Due to inclement weather
73:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Cumberland Univ.
 Due to inclement weather
7Game 2Softball - JV vs. Union College
 Due to inclement weather
77:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Cumberland Univ.
 Due to inclement weather
81:00PMBaseball - JV @ Campbellsville University
87:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Cumberland Univ.
93:00PMWomen's Soccer - JV @ Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
94:00PMVolleyball - JV @ University of Pikeville
95:00PMMen's Soccer - JV @ Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
96:00PMVolleyball @ University of Pikeville
104:00PMMen's Swimming vs. Birmingham Southern
104:00PMWomen's Swimming vs. Birmingham Southern
106:00PMVolleyball vs. Bethel College
11 Men's BowlingStorm Western Shootout -- Oct. 11-12
11 Women's BowlingStorm Western Shootout -- Oct. 11-12
11 CyclingMTB -- Regionals (Oct. 11-12)
119:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Preview Meet
119:00AMMen's Cross CountryFast Cats
119:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Preview Meet
119:00AMWomen's Cross CountryFast Cats
1112:00PMSoftball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. River City Rage
1112:00PMMen's Swimming @ University of the Cumberlands
 Breast Cancer Awareness Dual Meet
1112:00PMMen's Swimming @ Bethel University
 Breast Cancer Awareness Dual Meet
1112:00PMWomen's Swimming @ University of the Cumberlands
 Breast Cancer Awareness Dual Meet
1112:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Bethel University
 Breast Cancer Awareness Dual Meet
1112:30PMFootball @ Kentucky Christian University
112:00PMVolleyball vs. Indiana University Southeast
11Game 2Softball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. River City Rage
13 Men's GolfFall Mid-South Conference Tournament -- Oct. 13 - 14
13 Women's GolfFall Mid-South Conference Tournament -- Oct. 13 - 14
133:30PMFootball - JV @ Centre College
146:00PMVolleyball vs. Cumberland Univ.
154:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Embry-Riddle
156:30PMMen's Soccer @ Flagler College
176:00PMVolleyball vs. Shawnee State University
195:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Pikeville
197:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Pikeville
205:00PMVolleyball - JV @ University of Pikeville
206:00PMVolleyball - JV @ Union College
214:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. Asbury University
216:00PMVolleyball vs. Asbury UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
225:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
227:00PMMen's Soccer @ Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
235:00PMMen's Soccer - JV vs. Campbellsville University
24 CyclingMTB -- USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships (Oct. 24-26)
245:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV @ University of Pikeville
25 Men's BowlingBoilermaker Classic -- Oct. 25-26
25 Women's BowlingBoilermaker Classic -- Oct. 25-26
259:00AMMen's Cross CountryMidway Invitational
259:00AMWomen's Cross CountryMidway Invitational
251:00PMMen's Swimming vs. Bethel University
251:00PMWomen's Swimming vs. Bethel University
251:30PMFootball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
2612:00PMSoftball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. Cannons
26Game 2Softball - JV vs. TBA
 vs. Cannons
27 Women's GolfNAIA Preview Tournament -- Oct. 27 - 28
272:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Cumberland Univ.
275:00PMFootball - JV vs. Ohio Midwestern University
277:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. University of the Cumberlands
284:00PMVolleyball - JV @ Georgetown College
286:00PMVolleyball @ Georgetown College
286:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. Asbury University
30 Women's Basketball - JV @ Campbellsville University
304:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
306:00PMVolleyball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
31 Softball - JV vs. TBA
315:00PMMen's Swimming @ Asbury University
315:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Asbury University
1 Men's BowlingBrunswick Southern College Classic -- Nov. 1-2
1 Women's BowlingBrunswick Southern College Classic -- Nov. 1-2
1 Softball - JV vs. TBA
11:00PMMen's Basketball @ Benedictine College
 Lou Cunningham Classic
11:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Brescia University
11:30PMFootball vs. Union CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
16:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Wabash Valley College
17:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Ashford UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
2 Softball - JV vs. TBA
28:00AMWrestlingMichigan State University Open
22:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Ohio State-MansfieldLive Stats
3 Women's GolfColumbia College Invitational -- Nov. 3 - 4
34:00PMVolleyball - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
36:00PMVolleyball @ University of the Cumberlands
36:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Lee University
36:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV @ Vincennes University
37:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Kentucky Wesleyan College
57:00PMMen's Basketball @ Martin Methodist
64:00PMVolleyball - JV vs. St. Catharine College
66:00PMVolleyball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
76:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Miami University-MiddletownLive Stats
76:30PMMen's Basketball - JV @ University of the Cumberlands
78:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Miami University-MiddletownLive Stats
8 Men's Soccer vs. TBA
 Mid-South Tournament Quarterfinals
8 Women's Soccer vs. TBA
 Mid-South Tournament Quarterfinals
8 Men's Cross CountryMid-South Conference Championships
8 Women's Cross CountryMid-South Conference Championships
8 Volleyball - JV @ Georgetown College
 Georgetown Tournament -- Nov. 8-9
88:00AMWrestlingPatriot Open
812:00PMMen's Swimming @ Union College
812:00PMMen's Swimming @ Campbellsville University
812:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Union College
812:00PMWomen's Swimming @ Campbellsville University
812:30PMFootball @ Bluefield CollegeLive Audio
86:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cincinnati Christian UniversityLive Stats
92:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. College of Saint Joseph in VermontLive Stats
94:00PMMen's Basketball vs. College of Saint Joseph in VermontLive Stats
10 Women's Basketball - JV @ Asbury University
107:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Southeast Illinois CC
116:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. University of the Cumberlands
126:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
13 Men's Soccer @ TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament Semifinals
13 Women's Soccer @ TBALive Stats
 Mid-South Tournament Semifinals
136:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindenwood University-BellevilleLive Stats
138:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Life UniversityLive Stats
14 Volleyball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament -- Nov. 14-15
14 Men's Soccer @ TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament Finals
14 Women's Soccer @ TBALive Stats
 Mid-South Tournament Finals
14 Women's Basketball - JV @ Campbellsville University
147:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Alice Lloyd College
15 Men's BowlingSpring Hill College Tournament
15 Women's BowlingSpring Hill College Tournament
1512:00PMMen's Swimming vs. St. Catharine College
1512:00PMWomen's Swimming vs. St. Catharine College
151:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Oakland City University
151:30PMFootball vs. Georgetown CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
16 Men's BowlingSpring Hill College Baker Tournament
16 Women's BowlingSpring Hill College Baker Tournament
162:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Union College
175:30PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Campbellsville University
176:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
196:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Vincennes University
205:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Shawnee State University
207:00PMMen's Basketball @ Shawnee State University
21 Men's SwimmingBrenau Invitational -- Nov. 21 - 22
21 Women's SwimmingBrenau Invitational -- Nov. 21 - 22
22 Men's Soccer vs. TBA
 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round
22 Women's Soccer vs. TBALive Stats
 NAIA National Tournament Opening Round
2210:00AMMen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
2210:00AMWomen's Cross CountryNAIA Cross Country National Championships
221:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Georgetown College
223:00PMMen's Basketball @ Georgetown College
2311:00AMWrestling @ North Carolina State University
 Wolfpack Duals
2311:00AMWrestling @ American University
 Wolfpack Duals
2311:00AMWrestling @ UNC-Pembroke
 Wolfpack Duals
233:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Union College
247:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Kentucky Wesleyan College
256:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Indiana University Southeast
288:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Voorhees CollegeLive Stats
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
294:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Robert Morris CollegeLive Stats
 Lindsey Wilson College Classic
308:00AMWrestlingNewberry Duals
1 Men's Soccer @ TBA
 NAIA National Tournament Final Site -- Dec. 1-6
1 Women's Soccer @ TBALive Stats
 NAIA National Tournament Final Site -- Dec. 1-6
16:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. Vincennes University
17:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Campbellsville University
2 Volleyball vs. TBA
 NAIA National Championship -- Dec. 2-6
36:00PMWomen's Basketball - JV vs. University of Pikeville
46:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
48:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville UniversityLive Stats
56:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Jefferson Community & Technical College
68:00AMWrestlingOhio Northern University Invitational
62:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
64:00PMMen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine CollegeLive Stats
71:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Alice Lloyd College
138:00AMWrestlingMidwest Classic -- Dec. 13-14
131:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Cincinnati Christian University
155:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brescia UniversityLive Stats
167:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Ohio Christian UniversityLive Stats
19 Women's Basketball @ Webber International
198:00PMMen's Basketball @ Philander Smith College
 Philander Smith College Classic
20 Women's Basketball @ Southeastern University
202:00PMMen's Basketball @ John Brown University
 Philander Smith College Classic
312:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
32:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MidAmerica Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
35:00PMWrestling vs. Shorter University
 Dual located at Fern Creek High School
55:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
86:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Oakland City UniversityLive Stats
98:00AMWrestlingNAIA National Duals -- Jan. 9-10
105:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Fisk UniversityLive Stats
107:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Fisk UniversityLive Stats
12 Men's Basketball - JV @ Asbury University
126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Berea CollegeLive Stats
147:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. St. Catharine College
155:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Pikeville
157:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of Pikeville
167:00PMWrestling @ Cumberland Univ.
179:00AMWrestlingCumberland Open
171:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of the Cumberlands
171:00PMMen's Swimming vs. West Virginia Institute of Technology
171:00PMWomen's Swimming vs. West Virginia Institute of Technology
173:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of the Cumberlands
207:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ West Kentucky Tech
226:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.Live Stats
228:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.Live Stats
236:00PMWrestling @ University of the Cumberlands
237:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Indiana Elite Prep Academy
24 Men's BowlingUnion College Bulldog Classic
24 Women's BowlingUnion College Bulldog Classic
248:00AMWrestlingAppalachian State Open
2411:00AMMen's Swimming @ Campbellsville University
2411:00AMMen's Swimming @ Bethel University
2411:00AMWomen's Swimming @ Campbellsville University
2411:00AMWomen's Swimming @ Bethel University
25 Men's BowlingThomas Burris Memorial
25 Women's BowlingThomas Burris Memorial
277:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
296:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
298:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
306:00PMWrestling @ Campbellsville University
307:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Jefferson Community & Technical College
312:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
314:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
27:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Asbury University
35:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ St. Catharine College
5 Men's BowlingMSC Singles & Doubles Championships
5 Women's BowlingMSC Singles & Doubles Championships
55:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Campbellsville University
57:00PMMen's Basketball @ Campbellsville University
6 Men's BowlingMSC Team Championships
6 Women's BowlingMSC Team Championships
6 Men's SwimmingMid-South Conference Championships -- Feb. 6 - 7
6 Women's SwimmingMid-South Conference Championships -- Feb. 6 - 7
6Game 2Baseball @ Auburn University Montgomery
62:00PMBaseball @ Auburn University Montgomery
64:00PMWrestling vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
67:00PMWrestling vs. Life University
712:00PMBaseball @ Auburn University Montgomery
71:00PMWomen's Basketball @ St. Catharine College
73:00PMMen's Basketball @ St. Catharine College
97:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. West Kentucky Tech
106:00PMMen's Basketball - JV @ Elizabethtown Community and Technical Co
107:00PMWrestling vs. St. Catharine College
126:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
128:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
132:00PMBaseball @ Point University
14 Men's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic -- Feb. 14-15
14 Women's BowlingBackhaul Direct Hoosier Classic -- Feb. 14-15
1411:00AMBaseball @ Point University
14Game 2Baseball @ Point University
142:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Shawnee State UniversityLive Stats
144:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Shawnee State UniversityLive Stats
152:00PMMen's Basketball - JV vs. Indiana Elite Prep Academy
174:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Berea College
183:00PMBaseball vs. Union College
202:00PMBaseball vs. Indiana Wesleyan University
20Game 2Baseball vs. Indiana Wesleyan University
218:00AMWrestlingNAIA East Qualifier
212:30PMBaseball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
2212:00PMBaseball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
22Game 2Baseball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
223:00PMMen's Basketball @ Life University
253:00PMBaseball vs. Bethel College
266:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Cumberland Univ.
268:00PMMen's Basketball @ Cumberland Univ.
272:00PMBaseball vs. Taylor University
27Game 2Baseball vs. Taylor University
112:00PMBaseball vs. University of Rio Grande
1Game 2Baseball vs. University of Rio Grande
32:00PMBaseball vs. Purdue University-North Central
3Game 2Baseball vs. Purdue University-North Central
4 Men's SwimmingNAIA National Championships -- March 4 - 7
4 Women's SwimmingNAIA National Championships -- March 4 - 7
42:00PMBaseball vs. Purdue University-North Central
62:30PMBaseball @ Toccoa Falls College
66:00PMBaseball @ Georgia Gwinnett College
79:00AMWrestlingNAIA National Championships -- March 7-8
712:00PMBaseball @ Madonna University
9 Women's GolfLindsey Wilson College Spring Invitational -- March 9-10
103:00PMBaseball vs. Missouri Baptist University
111:00PMBaseball vs. Missouri Baptist University
134:00PMBaseball vs. Campbellsville University
1412:00PMBaseball vs. Campbellsville University
14Game 2Baseball vs. Campbellsville University
175:00PMBaseball vs. Indiana University Southeast
181:00PMBaseball @ Tennessee Wesleyan
201:00PMBaseball @ University of the Cumberlands
21 Women's GolfHeritage Hill Collegiate -- March 21-22
2112:00PMBaseball @ University of the Cumberlands
21Game 2Baseball @ University of the Cumberlands
242:00PMBaseball @ Union College
276:00PMBaseball vs. University of Pikeville
281:00PMBaseball vs. University of Pikeville
28Game 2Baseball vs. University of Pikeville
30 Women's GolfUPike Invitational -- March 30-31
314:00PMBaseball @ Bryan College
15:00PMBaseball @ Brescia University
35:00PMBaseball @ Georgetown College
41:00PMBaseball @ Georgetown College
4Game 2Baseball @ Georgetown College
74:00PMBaseball vs. Bryan College
85:00PMBaseball @ Indiana University Southeast
102:00PMBaseball @ Cumberland Univ.
1112:00PMBaseball @ Cumberland Univ.
11Game 2Baseball @ Cumberland Univ.
13 Women's GolfCU Bulldog Invitational -- April 13-14
143:00PMBaseball vs. Tennessee Wesleyan
156:00PMBaseball vs. Brescia University
176:00PMBaseball vs. St. Catharine College
182:00PMBaseball vs. St. Catharine College
 Senior Day
18Game 2Baseball vs. St. Catharine College
19 Women's GolfMid-South Conference Tournament -- April 19-21
243:00PMBaseball @ Shawnee State University
2511:00AMBaseball @ Shawnee State University
25Game 2Baseball @ Shawnee State University
284:00PMBaseball vs. Bryan College
3 Baseball @ TBA
 MSC Conference Tournament May 3-7
11 Baseball @ TBA
 NAIA Opening Round May 11-14
22 Baseball @ TBA
 NAIA World Series May 22-29